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6 Common Raw Feeding Mistakes to Avoid

  • December 18, 2017
  • / By Gus

The advantages of starting our furry friend on a RAW diet are many, however there are several aspects that we have to consider, since making a sudden change or an unbalanced diet can cause our dog serious health problems. It´s always important before you ask your veterinarian to give you a general review so that you can begin this important change in an appropriate way.

Before switching to raw diet you should consider the 6 most common feeding mistakes dog owners make.

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1.- Think you're going Bankrupt

It´s true that “You get what you pay for”. The most commercial processed pet foods are made with cheap ingredients and low quality for the sole purpose of reducing costs


The raw diet doesn´t have to be expensive. One of the biggest myths out there that feeding your dog on a raw diet is a fast-track to bankruptcy

You must make sure you buy good quality food. In supermarkets (chain stores) the price may be a little high, it´s better to contact a local butcher, independent grocery store and Ethnic markets are a good place to get some unusual foods at a good price. Asian markets and Mexican markets are great.

At the beginning it can be a blow to your economy, so it is important that you make a previous budget in different establishments.

In addition, the money you will save for visits to the veterinarian and medicines will be much greater than buying junk food

Remember You can’t put a price on love

Raw Feeding Mistakes

2.- Unbalanced Diet

It is important to comply with adequate balanced diet to ensure your dog is receiving the essential vitamins and nutrients. Following the recommended ratios is essential. The balance for dogs is based on 75 percent meat/organs/bone and 25 percent vegetables/fruits.

The correct amount will have to do with many factors such as age, race, activity and sex. 

Raw Feeding Mistakes

3.- ZERO Food Hygiene

Be careful with hygiene!  When preparing your food, be as clean and careful as when you prepare yours. Freeze the meat and fish before you consume it to eliminate bacteria and parasites. Then pay close attention to this issue taking care of the hygiene of the products that your dog will consume.

Raw Feeding Mistakes

4.- Rapid Switch

If your dog is used to the feed commercial dog food and you want to switch to the BARF diet, the change must be a slow transition

Imagine if you’d only eaten hamburgers and french fries for years and then someone hands you a plate of fresh veggies. It’s likely going to make you sick at first, even though it’s better for your health. The dog body needs time to adjust to

Slow transition include portions of the new raw diet mixed with his regular food every day, starting with very little. If your dog vomits or develops digestive issues, back off on the raw portion sizes and try again. The process will last about 3-4 weeks until the dog eats only BARF diet. If you change your food suddenly you can cause serious digestive problems.

Raw Feeding Mistakes

5.- Low Variety

The variety of nutrients is essential for an adequate diet. For convenience many people give their dogs the same food every day. It´s important to mix several sources of protein (pigs, beef, chicken, turkey, etc), organs, bones, vegetables, etc. You will need to achieve a balance over time to maintain optimal dog health

Many people give viscera instead of meat because they are much cheaper and they associate the viscera with animal protein, and although it´s an animal protein, it is not the same, they have different nutrients than the muscle meat. 

Raw Feeding Mistakes

6.- The Risk of Cooked Bones.

There are significant risks in the RAW diet when cooked bones are included, mainly in puppies. It isn´t only the risk that exists for the sharpness of some bones but mainly that the intestine can become obstructed by fragments of those bones. These fragments can accumulate in the intestine and clog it, preventing food from advancing as it should. The worst case may even be that their bowel is completely clogged, which would mean a medical emergency.

Another serious problem caused by cooked bones can be the fractured teeth. Although a broken tooth would not seem so serious, in dogs, dental treatment is not a simple matter, starting with the fact that the anesthesia is always a risk in dogs as well as being a very expensive treatment.

Raw Feeding Mistakes
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