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Homemade Dog Treats

10 Easy Homemade Dog Treats Your Pup Will Go Crazy For

  • October 6, 2017
  • / By Gus

Food is a determining factor in this first stage of the life of your puppy, as well as remember that their teeth may still be fragile, so the option is to provide nutritious and soft foods but that if they taste delicious.

1 Homemade Dog Treats

So here are some simple recipes to pamper your puppy:

1.- Soft peanut butter treats

To take care of your baby It is important to provide him with the best nutrients, however you must also remember to give him soft rewards since his teeth are not yet as strong. These treats are an excellent and delicious choice. Check out this recipe via Simply Zaspy

2 Homemade Dog Treats

2.- Cinnamon and honey treats

This is a delicious choice that your puppy will love, they are also an option for older dogs as they are very soft. I don´t recommend giving them in great quantity because can be a lot of sugar. Check out this recipe via All About Goldens

Homemade Dog Treats

3.- Mashed Potatoes treats

Your puppy will love these treats, they are also soft and very simple to prepare. It will not take you long to be able to prepare them because they require only two ingredients. Check out this recipe via Dog Milk

Homemade Dog Treats

4.- Cheesy Bone treats

If you want to pamper your puppy for his good behavior and also see him very happy since he starts to smell that you are preparing these treats, this is the option. These treats have some expensive ingredients like cheddar cheese, but it will definitely be worth it. Check out this recipe via Golden Woofs

Homemade Dog Treats

5.- Apple, Carrot and pumpkin treats

In addition to pampering your puppy it is important to do it with nutritious ingredients and this recipe is a very good option. Check out this recipe via My Baking Addiction

Homemade Dog Treats

6.- Milk and Pumpkin treats

Another recipe for your puppy that includes peanut butter is this. It is also very simple to do, it will take very little time. Check out this recipe via She Knows

Homemade Dog Treats

7.- Banana and Almond Treats

The taste of these treats will drive your puppy crazy. Include banana, almond and cinnamon. It will not take you long to prepare them. Check out this recipe via Pretty Fluffy

 Homemade Dog Treats

8.- Ginger Apple treats

The apple is a very healthy food for both humans and dogs. It is not very common to give our puppy an apple, however I recommend that you try, you will see that he loves these treats. Check out this recipe via Lola the Pitty

Homemade Dog Treats

9.- Nutty Bacon treats

You know perfectly well that your puppy loves bacon, so you can give him some treats from time to time. You will notice that your dog will love them from the moment he starts to smell them. Check out this recipe via Dog hill kitchen

Homemade Dog Treats

10.- Chicken and potatoes treats

Your puppy can also enjoy the taste of the chicken, in addition it is an important ingredient for its growth and development. The potato will also be a taste that will surprise him. Check out this recipe via The lazy pitbull

Homemade Dog Treats

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