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facts about pugs

14 Important Facts About Pugs Every New Mom Should to Know


Pugs are becoming increasingly popular all over the world. And it’s very easy to guess why.

This adorable, funny, loving breed will just steal your heart.

It’s important for you to know several facts about pugs to help you to learn more about them, their behavior and how to care for them.

Welcome to the life of pugs!

facts about pugs

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1. Pugs are shedding machines.

Yes, pugs shed hair as if there’s no tomorrow. So prepare your vacuum cleaner, your brush, lint roller and forget about wearing black clothes.

Fawn pugs and some black pugs have a double coat. The pug’s undercoat is constantly growing and pushing the hairs on the upper coat out, hence the constant shedding. Black pugs shed less

The best thing you can do to minimize this inconvenience is to… brush, brush, brush. This will significantly reduce hair loss. There are excellent de-shedding products (such as Furminator) to make this job even easier.

do pugs shed


2. A big personality wrapped up inside a little dog

Many people confuse not obeying with lack of intelligence;  but the thing is that they like to ignore you.

Pugs are incredibly stubborn; sometimes they don’t like to do what you tell them.

They are very intelligent and they know they can get what they want with their cute little faces, so be careful.

Get ready to laugh like never before; they are very funny and will make you have fun times with their little antics. They are like clowns, especially when they know they have your attention.

They have a lovely, loving and adorable personality that will surely light up your life.

 Pug Personality


3. Watch out! Pugs live to eat

One of the big problems with this breed is that they are prone to obesity. I know, all those pics circulating on the Internet about fat pugs are adorable. But for his good you must keep your pug healthy.

They always want food; no matter how much they’ve eaten they will put on their cute face to try to get food. We know how easy it is to give in when you see those beautiful dark eyes, but you have to be strong and say “No”.

Be careful not to leave food nearby; your pug can jump very high or do extraordinary acrobatics to reach it.

Forget junk food, don’t share pizza, hot dogs, soda or any other food that is not healthy for a person with your pug.

Nutrition is super important for your pug to stay healthy and enjoy a good quality of life.

 pug eating



4.  Exercise: The means of keeping them healthy

Even if he spends all day sleeping and his laziness knows no bounds, wake him up! It’s time to exercise.

Exercise is another element to keep your pug healthy, to fight obesity and improve his quality of life.

Don’t even think about subjecting them to exhausting routines. They don’t need a lot of exercise; a short walk each day is enough.

Important: Take him for a walk in the morning or at night. Heat is very dangerous for them.

Take a bottle of water with you to keep him hydrated.

One more thing, use a harness instead of a collar when you walk him. You have to make sure not to press too much against his trachea, so the harness is ideal.

 Pug Health


5.- Energy level: From wild puppies to lazy adults.

As puppies they are crazy, hyperactive and excitable. You will be amazed how much energy they have. But when they get older, be prepared for an extreme level of laziness. Your pug will become a sack of potatoes and will spend much of the day sleeping.

Pug Personality



6. Get ready for tons of Pug love

They will fill your life with unconditional love. They will love you more than you can imagine. They love cuddles and snuggles and they adore company.

Forget the word privacy. They will follow you everywhere like a shadow, and they will often pass under your legs. You’ll never go to the bathroom alone.

They are the ideal companions for kids. And although they are jealous they usually get along with other animals.

Pugs are very sensitive and will comfort you and make you smile after a bad day.

pug love

7. Keep them away from heat. Pugs are sensitive to extreme temperatures.

Overheating is one of the pug’s main enemies. Keep them away from heat.

Many of these problems are due to the fact that they have short snouts, which doesn’t allow much air to reach their lungs. This prevents them from maintaining their internal temperature easily.

Keeping them in a cool environment and letting them drink plenty of water are the best ways to lower their internal temperature.

Never, ever, think of leaving a pug alone in the car in hot weather. Nothing about “I’ll be back in just 5 minutes.” No!

Take your pug for a walk in the early morning or late afternoon. The simplest thing is to avoid exposure to high midday temperatures.

pug breathing problems


8. Pugs don’t understand the concept of personal space. They need lots of attention.

Pugs crave company and attention and are unhappy when you don’t give them the love and affection they need.

They really need human company, not just walks; they need stroking and caressing. Pugs love to snuggle up to you.

Some pugs will get used to the fact that their parents have to go to work. They will sleep while you’re not at home and when you return they’ll be waiting for you to smother you with pug love.

But some don’t take it so well, so you might find a mess or poop in the house as a form of protest against you leaving them.

Pug Personality

9. Healthy nutrition: The most powerful weapon against the pug’s health problems.

Your pug is what he eats; it’s that simple. Giving your pug healthy food will avoid obesity and disease and keep his coat shiny.

Of course, it’s also important to give them the right amount. It’s no use giving them the best food if you overfeed them like there’s no tomorrow.

The amount of food depends on several factors such as age, weight, activity, etc. So ask your vet.

Learn about good dog food brands and how to read dog food ingredients. Don’t feed your pug puppy brands like Purina. You can use http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com as a guide and pick up some good quality food.

Others even make their own food, but that depends on if you have the time. A good dog food will help keep it healthy in the long run. Of course, the better dog food cost more

pug care


10. Teeth cleaning, bathing and cleaning facial folds: The basics of caring for your pug


Bathing your pug’s is very important, although it doesn’t have to be done very often because it can weaken his skin’s natural defenses, reduce the oil it produces for his hair, lubrication and silkiness, and this can cause drying of the skin and, as a result, the appearance of dandruff.

It’s also harmful to bathe your pug very often because they retain moisture for two or three days, even if they’ve been dried carefully.

The recommended frequency for bathing your pug is once a month. That’s more than enough.

Teeth Cleaning:

This is one of the most forgotten aspects of pug grooming. However it is important to do it at least once a month. Just buy a brush and toothpaste with a pleasant taste to make it much easier.


Pug’s  adorable wrinkles  called folds,  are one of their main attractions. A pug without adorable wrinkles  is simply NOT PUG.

This feature of their body requires special care to make sure that the health of our pug is not damaged. That way we also prevent them from having a bad odor and so help to make them happy.

Some of their wrinkles can be very deep, so they can accumulate moisture, which in the long run will lead to bad odors.

Allowing your pug to remain too long in certain environments, for example where there is dust, dirt and leftover food can lead to the development of a sore which can even become infected.

All you have to do to prevent this is to take a clean slightly damp rag and clean between the folds. The main purpose is to remove food particles, dirt and excess moisture.

pug bath


11. Pugs are small gas machines

Before giving your pug a nickname because he farts a lot you should know that it’s a common problem with this breed.

We know that it’s unpleasant to smell these farts, but first you must know a little bit about the causes.

There are many things that can cause this, but it mainly has to do with food: what you feed them and how fast they eat. This can cause gas that later become farts.

It’s important for their food to be very healthy. It is also advisable to buy a dog bowl designed to slow down his eating. Usually these are bowls with obstructions inside so your pug will not gulp down the food so fast.

 pug fart


12. Pugs snore. They will sing you a wonderful serenade.

Pugs snore a lot! It’s also a normal characteristic of the breed. This is because they have very small nostrils, which makes it very difficult to take air into their nasal cavities.

It can often cause changes in their body temperature, for example when they return from a walk, fall asleep or are hot, or when they are in air conditioning for example.

Something that helps is to keep them with a fan nearby as this will make the air circulate better and allow them to breathe more easily.

You can also massage their throat. This will give them relief and calm them down until their breathing becomes normal.

pug snoring


 13. Sadly they have certain health problems that are common to their breed

The physical and genetic makeup of pugs makes them tend to suffer from some diseases. The most common are:

Eye Infections. Due to the shape of pugs’ eyes they are very prone to getting infections. Always check to see whether they are rubbing their eyes a lot with their paws. This can be a sign of a probable infection. To avoid infection, it’s important to constantly wipe their eyes to remove secretions. That way you reduce the possibility of your pug getting eye infections.

Brachycephalic Syndrome. This occurs mainly because a pug’s nostrils and trachea are narrower than normal, and they have other physical characteristics as well that prevent the normal circulation of air through their respiratory system. The main symptom is the tendency to suffocate when exercising or in enclosed environments.

Legg-Calve Perthes (Avascular Necrosis). This is the degeneration of the femoral head, which causes it to not fit well in the hip joint. The main symptoms are pain when moving and limping.

Encephalitis. This is a condition that causes inflammation of the brain resulting in neurological symptoms, especially convulsions.

pug health problems

14. They’re indoor dogs

Your pug will enjoy exercising outside but what they appreciate most is the warm indoor temperature.

They are indoor, family dogs and they like comfort and a peaceful atmosphere. They don’t require much space; you can live with your pug in a small apartment and he will be happy as long as you let him do his daily walk. In addition, it is not advisable to spend a lot of time outside because he runs the risk of getting infections, colds and parasites or even dying from a heat stroke.

Important: No pug wants to live outdoors.

pug care

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