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Dog Food Calculator

Dog Food Calculator: How much food should I give my doggy?

Your dog is already a new member of the family, you need to take care of him very well to give him a healthy life and have a lot of energy to play, however it is important also not to exceed the amount of food that you provide even though he always looks at you with face of tenderness and desire.

Surely you have repeatedly asked yourself, Am I giving to my dog the right amount? Or How much to feed a dog a day?

The amount of daily food for your dog depends a lot on the calories that need daily. Not all dogs are the same, as there are big and small. But also in the sames breed or type of dog, there are many circumstances that make the calorie needs change.

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Things important to know:

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    The level of activity is crucial to know how much food you should give your dog.
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    Dogs that are active, working dogs, those who exercise a lot, go to the beach or to the mountains, run daily, etc. Will obviously need more food than a dog that is very sedentary or who spends much of the day on the couch.
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    Young dogs need more calories than adult and senior dogs.
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    A pregnant dog needs more calories.
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Also consider that foods are very different and contain different nutrients and calories, so we always recommend that you take your puppy to the vet so that he can also give you another perspective regarding the amount of food according to the brand and type you give him.

To determine the amount of food we should give our dog, the first thing is to know how many calories to consume and your dog's activity. Stop that we will show you some simple formulas so that you can get it yourself.

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How many calories should my dog eat?

It is important to know the energy required by your dog to maintain optimal health

It is important that there is a balance between your dog's energy through diet and the energy he has. If the energy that consume is higher than the one he use, he will gain weight and if the energy that is greater than the energy consume will lose weight. Here's how to calculate your dog's energy needs according to their activity:

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    If your dog has low activity, that is, less 1 hour of activity per day the energy requirement is 95W^0.75 Kcal

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    If your dog has moderate activity, that is 1-3 hours of daily activity, the energy requirement is 110W^0.75 Kcal
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    If your dog has high activity, that is more than 3 hours of daily activity, the energy requirement is 125W^0.75 Kcal


Your dog’s ideal weight is 35 lbs (Use the ideal dog weight calculator to know this value).

Divide a weight in pounds by 2.2 to convert to kilograms (kg)
35/2.2 = 15.9 kg

Assuming he has low activity we will use the following formula:

95W^0.75 Kcal

95 X W (dog’s ideal weight Kg) ^0.75 = kcal / day (^) Exponent Operator

95 X 15.9 kg ^0.75 = 756 kcal / day

Your dog requires 756 kcal/day to maintain an ideal weight

The energy given to your dog through food must be according to its activities so that a balance can be maintained.

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How much food should my dog eat?

1.- You need to determine energy density of the food (kcal /100g diet)

Find the calorie content information found on the food labels or on the manufacturer’s website.

Divide the amount by 10

2.- The next step is to apply the following formula:

(Pet energy needs/ Energy density of food) * 100

It will give you the daily amount of food required per day in grams.

Let’s continue with the above example

Energy requirement = 756 kcal / day

Energy density of food = 350 kcal per 100g

Applying the formula…
756 kcal(Energy requirement) / 350 (Energy density of food) kcal X 100 = 216 g

Your dog requires 216 g to maintain an ideal weight

In summary your dog needs:

Energy requirement = 756 kcal /day
Daily amount of food per day = 216 g

Note: 216g Assuming you use Merrick brand.

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