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Why Raw Dog Food? 10 Benefits You Need to Know

0 shares Share0 Pin0 Tweet0 You’ve probably heard phrases like “scientifically formulated and balanced” or “recommended by veterinarians” or “Healthy” The truth is that 95% of the foods on the market are of poor quality.Pet food manufacturers use all kinds of marketing tricks, beautiful packaging, inspiring videos to make us believe that the Kibbles are […]

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Switching to a Raw Dog

Switching to a Raw Dog Food? 10 Essential Rules You Need to Know

0 shares Share0 Pin0 Tweet0 At this point most likely you know the incredible benefits of feeding your dog healthy and natural, and maybe you decide to switch to raw But.. Maybe as a newbie you are asking yourself where I start? Or maybe you are worried about not feeding your dog properly To achieve the greatest benefits […]

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Dog Food Calculator

Dog Food Calculator: How much food should I give my doggy?

0 shares Share0 Tweet0 Pin0 Your dog is already a new member of the family, you need to take care of him very well to give him a healthy life and have a lot of energy to play, however it is important also not to exceed the amount of food that you provide even though […]

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2017 Dog Food Recall List: Is Your Dog Safe?

  Check this list provided by the FDA to determine if your dog’s brand on the list 2017 Dog Food Recall List  

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Bad Ingredients in Dog Food to Avoid

Worst Dog Food : 14 Signs Your Dog Food Might Be Junk

0 shares Share0 Tweet0 Pin0 Surely you’ve heard phrases like “Perfectly Balanced” “Natural Ingredients” “Organic ” and more used by dog food brands.The truth is…They are nothing more than marketing tricksThere are many brands that sell low-quality products (Worst Dog Food) full of preservatives, artificial flavors, salt, sugar, gluten, non-specific protein sources, and other ingredients […]

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Overweight Dog: The Definitive Guide To Losing weight

0 shares Share0 Pin0 Tweet0 I know it, Chubby and fat dogs are adorable. Photos  and videos of fat dogs are so cute. But overweight dog is dangerous. What’s worse, your dog’s life expectancy will be reduced by at least 2 years. According to APOP (Association for pet obesity prevention), around 54% of dogs were […]

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Overweight Pug

Is my dog overweight? Easy and quickly charts to know it.

168 sharesShare4Pin164Tweet0 Is my dog overweight? In this point you know how dangerous is the overweight in your pug and the terrible consequences of not take action. “An Estimated 54% of Dogs in the United States are Overweight or Obese.” Source: PetObesityPrevention.org Well, the next step is to know if your pug is overweight. Not […]

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facts about pugs

14 Important Facts About Pugs Every New Mom Should to Know

834 shares Share5 Tweet0 Pin829 Pugs are becoming increasingly popular all over the world. And it’s very easy to guess why. This adorable, funny, loving breed will just steal your heart. It’s important for you to know several facts about pugs to help you to learn more about them, their behavior and how to care […]

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pug shedding

3 Useful Tips to Reduce Pug Shedding

264 shares Share1 Tweet0 Pin263   How to Stop Pug Shedding?                                                                                          […]

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pug health problems

The most common pug health problems you need to know

  Sadly, this cute and adorable breed is prone to certain health problems and diseases. That diseases are passed from parents to pups. Pug health problems include eye problems, orthopedic (musculoskeletal) problems, neurology problems, respiratory problems, obesity and overheating   The most common pug eye problems Cataracts Pug cataracts is usually genetic and cause the […]

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